Brazilian/ Bikini Waxing Truths & Tips

Brazilian/ Bikini Waxing Truths & Tips:

Let me drop a tiny truth bomb on you before you hit the salon; Brazilian waxes require you to be partially nude (the lower half) and there will be some “awkward” positioning as I, the specialist, will be waxing everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!) Before you freak out, let me offer you some more comforting truths; first of all, I am a professional & perform these services all day long, so there is absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed or weird. I go above and beyond to make you feel as comfortable and calm as possible. Secondly, Brazilian waxes are not long length services and any discomfort will be very short-lived, I pinky- promise! Bikini/ Brazilian waxing can cause an “ouch” or two for those with low pain tolerance but it is equivalent to other commonly waxed areas such as brows & armpits! Just be prepared for some deep breathing & follow these steps to insure a pleasant experience each time you wax!

*Before your waxing appointment;

-Make sure you don’t shave for at least 1-2 weeks before your wax service! The hair must be a minimum of 1/4” in length (size of a grain of rice) in order for the wax to grip onto the hair & pull it from the root. (In doing so, this also saves from some “ouch”)

-EXFOLIATE 24-48 hours before your wax, removing dead skin cells will help with a smoother, easier service & less chance of irritation or ingrown hairs.

-Do not work out or tan for 24 hours after your wax! Your pores will be open & excessive sweat can cause irritation & ingrown hairs! Use the day to relax!

-Do not schedule your appointment 5 days before or after your period.

-Be sure to check for sanitation! Is your technician wearing new, clean gloves? Does she break & dispose of each stick after each dip in the wax? Are the tweezers submerged in blue barbicide or alcohol? Be in charge of your safety & health!

-Wear loose, soft clothing to your appointment & avoid shower gels & other scented products to prevent irritation!

For anymore questions & concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me via Facebook, IG or call me!




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